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My name is Marieta Szymura, I was born and raised  in small Village in Poland. In 2007 I've got my graduate degree of MSc, Eng in Environmental Protection and Landscape Architecture. I came to USA in 2007 looking for new life start. Now, I am the owner and the founder of NYC Massage Therapy and Les mains, LLC Day Spa. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in 44 states including NY as well as Licensed Medical and Laser Aesthetician and Nail Technician.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in 44 states including NY, a Licensed Aesthetician as well as a Certified Medical Laser Aesthetician and a Medical Nail Technician. I work as a Massage Therapist for over 5 years and in Skin and Nail Care for over 2 years. I specialize in: Orthopedic/​Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage modalities as well as: Medi-Cupping and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Rejuvenation Treatments and Acne Skin Treatments.

As an alternative healthcare provider I had helped many clients with post injury problems, post surgery rehabilitation, bad posture alignment, stress management and other musculoskeletal pathologies. Our area of expertise are: lower/upper back pain, sciatica, foot/cuff pain, plantar fasciities , tension headaches, shoulder pain, poor posture correction, adhesive capsulities (frozen shoulder syndrome), carpal tunnel and more...

As a skin care professionals I offer my clients in-home face rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments, acne treatments, none-surgical face-lift (micro-current),  wrinkle softening, skin exfoliation treatments, detox and moisturizing body wraps, anti-cellulite treatments and waxing.

Each of my Clients is for me special and each needs different kind of care, therefore I customize each session individually upon their request and my assessment.

 I am available by appointment only. 

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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